Archery Lessons


Please have your calendar in front of you, call (805) 328-4911, and ask to be transferred to Virginia. She will work with you to set up your first archery lesson date and email you an electronic calendar invitation with your archery lesson time, location, and date to confirm your appointment.

You are highly encouraged to arrive to your archery lesson location in Simi Valley five minutes early to ensure that you are ready to start on time. Virginia has a very busy schedule and does not grant any additional extension time for archery students who are late.

Payment is due in person, in cash, at the beginning of your archery lesson.

Virginia Hankins Archery Coach Los Angeles


    Gain the personal service and coaching that you need to become your best as you immerse yourself in the Olympic sport of recurve archery! Lessons are held at one of two serene 18m archery ranges in Simi Valley (Ventura County, California) and Oak Park (on the Border of Calabasas, California) and include all loaner equipment that you need to get started right during your lesson.



    • Children 3+ in age may shoot archery as long as they possess enough manners and emotional maturity to do so.
    • Children 18 years of age or younger must be accompanied at all times by an adult.
    • Very young children may need to take breaks.
    • The oldest archery student to date was 87... let's go for 100!


    Starting At $60/ 50 Minutes (up to 3 people)

    • Up to three people, e.g. family members, friends, coworkers, bridesmaids, whatnot, can shoot under the same hourly rate... as an example, a private lesson with one person in Simi Valley costs $60 while a family group consisting of a parent with two kids costs the same - $60 for that lesson time. You are paying for the time slot. YOU are responsible for creating your own group, if desired, to split the $60 lesson fee. Instructor does not coordinate "matching" students with other people for lessons.
    • Add on a $35 per lesson for instructor travel & travel time if choosing to have your lesson in Oak Park.
    • If paying by credit card (instead of cash or check) an additional 5% credit card processing fee will be applied to your total lesson rate.


     Families Welcome! Photo Taken On Location in Sonoma, CA.

    Families Welcome! Photo Taken On Location in Sonoma, CA.

    • SIMI VALLEY LOCATION - The best choice for working professionals!
      • Features:
        • Private Ranch-Style Location
        • Lighted Outdoor Range
        • 18m Max. Distance
        • Spectacular Valley & Sunset View
        • Repair Materials on Site
        • Rain & Sun Overhead Protection Available
        • Can Accomodate Pre-Scheduled "Drop Ins" if Friends Opt to Join You at the Last Minute
        • Onsite Bathroom & Free Parking
        • Video Footage Upon Request
      • Hours:
        • Weekdays M-Th from 3-9PM
        • Saturdays 8AM-Noon
        • Sundays from 5-9PM
    • OAK PARK LOCATION (+$35 / Lesson Travel Charge)
      • Features:
        • Earthy, Rustic, Wilderness Range
        • 70m Max. Distance
        • Quiet, Focused, Canyon Setting
        • Wildlife Viewing & Hiking Trails
        • Easy Access from the 101 Freeway
        • Onsite Bathroom & Free Parking
        • Video Feedback
      • Hours:
        • Weekdays from 4PM-Sunset; There Are NO LIGHTS At This Location.
        • Saturdays 8-10AM
        • Sundays 4PM-Sunset
      • Additional Notes:
        • "Drop Ins" Are NOT Available At This Location.
        • Please Note That Oak Park Is Subject to Special Event and Mud Closures Without Notice.
        • An Additional $35 Instructor Travel Fee Is Applied to All Lessons at this Location.

    Archery Range Rental Los Angeles


    Starting at $250/1 hour (up to 5 people) - subject to extra travel charges based on location.

    If you are going to have over 5 people you need to reserve an archery party (and should contact Virginia to a separate quote based on your party size).

    Enjoy the privacy and security of your residence, set, ranch, estate, or compound when you choose to have a portable archery range brought to you for lessons. All archery loaner equipment and travel including a target, recurve bows, arrows, and related safety equipment is included in this rate.

    NDA, background screening, and data privacy verification available at client's cost for high profile families who wish to have extra security. Personal bodyguards and/or nanny may remain present for lessons and/or participate based on Client's desire. 

    Traveling archery lessons are available on weeknights, Saturdays, and Sundays in the Ventura County, Valencia, Westside, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Northern Los Angeles areas.

    A photo of the practice space is required at time of booking to ensure that the correct layout is delivered. Please ensure that instructor's name has been provided to any guards should your location be located on a restricted access road.


    15% of sales purchased. Payment is due on any desired equipment before an order is placed.

    Confused by buying equipment? Overwhelmed by numbers and terms? Utilize this exclusive archery concierge service to match your personal interests and needs to archery equipment that will work for you.

    For archery prop rentals, archery equipment rentals, on camera archery coaching, and archery range rentals for film and TV productions please call (805) 328-4911.


    Archers attending any lessons in Simi Valley, Los Angeles, or Ventura County are advised to wear close toe shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots, sunglasses, sunblock, compression fit shirt or other close fitting shirt (lose clothes get caught in the bowstring and ruin shots), and long pants. Bringing water to stay hydrated is encouraged.

    Proof of USA Archery Membership (CLICK HERE) - Required for archery lessons, but not for archery parties

    • What is It?
      • USA Archery, the governing body of archery in the United States, requires that all students enrolled in its sanctioned archery programs, practices, and archery lessons become members of its organization forinsurance coverage. Annual registration to USA Archery is fast, cheap, and easy.
    • Which Level of Membership Do You Need?
      • If you plan on competing or being eligible for achievement programs (pins, rankings, tournaments, etc.) you will need the $50/year "Adult Membership" or $35/year "Youth Membership"
      • If you do NOT plan on competing the $15/year "Recreational Membership" is satisfactory.
    • How Do You Sign Up?
      • Go to
      • Once you select your desired membership level click on "Sign Up" at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next page.
      • The top section is for "Club Affiliation." Select "California" as the State.
      • A "Club" drop down list will appear. Select "Sheroes Entertainment" as the club and complete the remainder of the form.
      • The website will display a confirmation screen with your new USA Archery number. Print out the screen and bring it with you.

    Printed and Completed Archery Liability Form (CLICK HERE)


    Virginia Hankins is a certified and insured USA Archery national level coach and Hollywood archery film advisor who helps archery students to "start right" in the extraordinary "Sport of Kings."

    She specializes in starting new archers with proper international recurve bow foundational form, positive reinforcement, and focuses on a "slow and steady" and collaborative weight training approach to reduce the likelihood of injury in her archery students.

    Widely known as being one of the best children's archery coaches in the archery industry, she has successfully trained over 7,000 people between 3 and 86 years of age to enjoy the sport of archery due to her unique and friendly precision coaching style. Her patient style serves this female archery coach well as a coach to foreign royalty, international sports celebrities, and stressed film production teams where she has a remarkable talent for helping actors and actresses to "look great and be safe" on camera in two hours or less.

    Prior to finding her passion in coaching archery, Virginia trained as a recurve archer under two time world champion archery coach John Norberg, competed nationally, was a member of the California State Archery Team, founded the University of Southern California (USC) Archery Team, assisted Disney-Pixar in its launch of the hit archery film Brave, and has performed live trick shots for up to 4,000 people. Virginia Hankins currently works in Hollywood as an on set archery coordinator, teaches as a national level USA Archery coach, serves as the resident archery expert and patch program creator for the Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast, and is the archery expert and archery stunt coordinator for the upcoming television show "Shoot to Thrill."

    As a Level 3 USA archery coach certified in the National Training System (NTS) she is authorized to train Level 1 and Level 2 archery instructors for summer camps, recreational programs, and run full competitive, recreational, school, and camp programs in the USA Olympic Team Training Methods.

    While most of her work is in coaching new recurve and longbow students, Virginia does assist with beginning compound bow and crossbow shooters (student must have their own compound or crossbow) too. Her attention to detail has enabled her to become certified for both Northern California and Southern California through the State of California Department of Fish & Wildlife (previously the Department of Fish and Game) for hunting safety... a specialty accreditation that merges both safety and performance in wilderness and high stress situations for archery and gun work.